Founded 1972. Affiliated to the Essex County Football Association

Attention all clubs
  • Games are only to be called off by the match official, council or pitch owner.
  • Allocated refs to be phoned by 9pm Tuesday. Rule 10 (D) or £10 fine.
  • Results in by 4pm. Matchday rule 11 (B) or £10 fine.
  • Match cards by 9pm Tuesday. Rule 11 (A) or £10 fine.
Referee and Sportsmanship marks
When completing your Match result sheet on the Full-time website please remember the following;
  • Referee marks are out of 100 (any mark of 50 or below must be accompanied by a letter or email to the Referee's Officer with reasons why)
  • Sportsmanship marks for your Opponents are out of 10
  • Please make sure you complete your sheet by Tuesday evening. Thank you.